Q: What is Alex Kinter’s next movie/What is Alex working on? Alex is currently editing ‘Alone At The Pool’ for a November 2017 release and there is a Documentary Feature Film called 'Undeniable' he is producing for October 2017 Limited Festival Release and later a wide Theatrical Release in 2018.

Q: Where can I purchase Alex’s art? Some of his work is available in the store section of the website. More prints, products and shirts will be come available soon.

Q: Is Alex Kinter involved with this site? Yes he is. He reads, post and interacts with fans social media.

Q: Where can I access the old art? Keep your fingers crossed that he still has it and maybe release them some upon popular demand in the future. As for the previous older works may have fallen due to hard disk and data loss so some collections would be extremely difficult obtain.

Q: Can I have Alex’s e-mail, address or phone number? No. Posting his personal contact info would be quite irresponsible, and would disrupt his privacy.

Q: Who is Normita? Normita is Alex’s agent, who handles bookings, apperances, and is also one of the casting directors for Solarity Studios.

Q: Why is this site’s design so minimal? We could’ve gone for a snazzy site with all the bells and whistles but we wouldn’t have much to say as we detract from what is important: content. Minimalism as a design does wonders: it keeps the attention where it should belong while subtlety enhancing everything in a simple and elegant way. Think of it as the design of the iPod or iPhone. “Less is more.”

Q: Is there any way you can forward an idea, scripts, or video tapes to Alex? Not through this site. We cannot accept unsolicited material (e.g. scripts, presents, videos, reels, etc.) intend to be received by or for Alex. And we CANNOT direct it to him or his production company. It is unsolicited material and legally we cannot accept it (much less send it to Alex). So, if you send something, the webmaster will simply delete it.

Q: So is there any other way I can send Alex a script? Yes and no. What you first have to do is begin the long, hard search for representation (in other words: getting an agent). Then your agent will send it to the person you request. You also have to register your script with the WGA and/or the U.S. Copyright Office.

Q: Where does Alex live? For the past ten years Alex has lived in Dallas, Texas and resides in Florida as well. One of Alex’s companies, Digicarbon.com now operates from Jacksonville, Fl. and a division of Solarity Studios operates from Miami, Fl.

Q: I need to do research for my _____________ on Alex Kinter, where can I find info on who and what influenced his artistic sensibilities? You can read all about it in the articles section.

Q: What does “Shooting to Edit” mean”? Coming out of music videos and commercials, Alex learned how to shoot very quickly and also make something look good. One of his specialties is shooting for the edit, basically editing things in his mind during the shoot.