Automotive Photography

Commercial Automotive Photographer and Video Director based in Dallas, Texas. Finding his creative roots in the photography, music video and commercial production industry, he has since traveled to LA, Miami, Peru, Colombia, Chicago and New York shooting some of the most recognized brands in the world for a wide range of purposes and distribution. His edgy style is known for vibrant colors and dynamic lighting compositions, always leaving the viewers invigorated.

Alex develops a detailed shot list outlining an edgy or clean shooting style. His gear strategy aims to capture your specific luxury vehicle needs in the best light possible. Based out of Dallas, Texas luxury car photography has always been his passion. Luxury products and commercial advertising isn’t easy to capture by any means. Professional automotive cinematographers are far and few in between in Dallas. He also provides editorial and consulting services in Texas or globally via the internet. He is a Luxury Automotive and Commercial Photographer who takes every detailed step to provide the absolute best result.

Alex Kinter Photography and Kinter Media has been a service provider to the luxury automotive industry since 2013 professionally. He has also created a portfolio of Product, Portrait, Industrial, Celebrity and Lifestyle Photography. Alex has several of clientele in the Automotive industry. His work has been featured by many commercial businesses and in several states. Alex specializes in shooting from mid-range to high-end automobiles. From Chevy, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz all the way to Porsche, and many more. His clients often benefit from his exciting and epic luxury automotive photography.

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