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Celebrity Portrait Photography
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Create the images your client needs to take your press junket to the next level. Get the press photos you need for your articles to make them stand out from the rest. Further, develop and customize your client's brand image.

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Truly unfazed by his critics' word’s, Alex raises the bar for his portrait photography subjects―often his influential clients, who own or manage many successful brands, business and corporations ―and himself as well, taking it to the max, going above and beyond expectations. Alex’s creative mind provides the viewer with a memorable and remarkable experience.

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About The Celebrity Portrait Photographer

Alex started his career in celebrity photography & cinematography and gradually moved into directing music videos, commercial video production, and digital marketing. Once his early education was complete, Alex attended Texas A&M University-Commerce for Art Direction & Photography (2011). Alex received his certification as Digital Imaging & Post-processing Technician from RED Digital Cinema Education (2012). Alex has photographed many executives, artists, and celebrities, as well as worked with notable print publications, such as Envy Magazine, 944 Magazine, ScoreBoard Monthly.