Alex with over 15 years of experience behind a camera, can be considered one of the best photographers and directors in Dallas, Tx. He is a passionate creative with a wealth of experience and knowledge in digital imaging. Advertising, marketing, and PR agencies, along with video production companies, frequently come knocking on the doors of Alex Kinter for his unique eye and perspective for things. This is because Alex has a proven track record of success as since an early age. He never stops striving to find the perfect angle, the best lighting, and unforgettable shots until every single frame and scene is perfect. Alex is no slouch when it comes to directing photoshoots and creating innovative & captivating pieces.

Alex's career started in photography & cinematography and gradually moved into directing music videos and commercial production. For several years, he worked alongside entertainment host, Paul Salfen. Paul and Alex worked on shows such as The Drew Pearson Show, Sports Plus, and Inside Entertainment; as well as notable print publications, Envy Magazine, 944 Magazine, and ScoreBoard Monthly. Together they photographed and interviewed some of the biggest celebrities in the business such as Sir Richard Branson, Will Ferrel, Zach Galifianakis, Selena Gomez, Dirk Nowitzki, Val Kilmer, Stephen King, Jennifer Hudson, Matthew McConaughey, Taryn Manning, and Paul Oakenfold (Just to name a few).

His work has featured on some of the most viewed platforms in the world. Alex has created digital imaging content and produced for small-medium businesses, agencies, fortune 500 companies, and non-profit organizations. He is an expert in his field at helping many people reach and connect with their specific audience through his creative lens. Alex and his years of experience directing, producing and shooting cinematic content can bring you the edge that you are looking for.

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