View Alex's work as a compilation or montage style video to showcase his hero shots from previous adventures & video productions. His work has led him to create work locally in Dallas, out of state, within the United States & out of the country. Catch a glimpse of the world, through his eyes by watching his reels.

Dallas Cinematographer - Director of Photography Reel

Along with an established set of video production and directing services on offer at Kinter Media, we also provide a photography directing service as well. Our photography service is highly acclaimed among a number of industry-leading film and events companies – and even among world-famous business gurus and big-screen celebrities. Our photography can aid your marketing campaign, enhance your business’s media, or can be put to more creative uses in production settings. We even offer portrait photography that many household names from the creative arts and business industries have taken advantage of.

Commercial Director - Video Director Reel

Directing a video can be stressful, frustrating & fruitless for those trying to enhance their marketing campaigns, commercial ads, documentaries & even music videos. This is why it is always best to outsource such heavy lifting to a team of talented video production specialists. Advertising agencies & video production companies are being swamped with client demands for bespoke video direction. Instead of churning out low-quality material in a hurry, these agencies & producers can call on our creative bunch. We have been frequently serving multiple marketing departments to provide tailored video directing. By getting in touch with us, you avoid letting your standards slip & loss of return clients. We also welcome businesses to come directly to us for their commercial video direction needs.

Previous Dallas Video Production Reels

Optimizing your videos will enrich your company image and your clients’ perceptions of your brand. A well-developed video can spark a connection with your viewers and keep them engaged and interested in your business. There's a reason that most of us binge on cat videos. A video is proven to be an effective way of engaging, captivating and speaking to your target audience.

Whether you need to show off trophy real estate or to increase exposure to your restaurant's latest menu, motion images can provide an insight that other methods cannot replicate. If your business requires expert, experienced and exciting video production to creatively promote your services, then get in touch. We are always looking to work with new clients and even the most demanding projects.

Video Production in Dallas

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