4 Ways to Make Your Marketing Video More Shareable

Make Your Marketing Videos More Shareable - Kinter Media

One of the questions our professional video production team gets asked most often is: How do I make my video go viral?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this. It’s generally not something you tick a few boxes for, upload onto YouTube and are guaranteed to see happen.

There are, however, steps you can take to make your video much more shareable so that it reaches a wider audience, whether it’s on your site or posted on social media.

1. Keep It Relevant

Like any piece of content, whether it’s written, infographic, social media post or a video, understanding the reason for its existence is crucial. Too many businesses, not just here in Dallas but around the world, produce content for the sake of it.

They know they have to get a blog up online or a social media post or a quick video testimonial but they rarely examine the reason for that content being there and what they want to achieve.

With video this is important. It’s not cheap to produce a corporate video and you want to get value for your investment.

The planning stage for any marketing video needs to cover as much as possible and it’s something you should take a lot of time over. Not just that, interrogate your plan, hone it to perfection and makes sure it is based on solid grounds.

This is where working with a professional video production team in Dallas can help. They will work with you to better define your video and focus it to a high degree.

2. Keep it Short-ish

This is always a bit of a bone of contention among the video marketing fraternity. By short, we mean that your video should be the right length for the type of content. Drag your video on for too long and the likelihood is that your audience will switch off before the end and they won’t repost.

That’s why the planning stage is so crucial. A documentary video has a different purpose to a product promotion video and a different length (longer for the former, much shorter for the latter).

Our Dallas video production team has this advice: Say what you have to say and then get out. Don’t confuse your video with stuff that doesn’t need to be there and don’t outstay your welcome. That’s easier said than done but it’s a good mantra to keep at the back of your mind.

3. Sharing is About Emotion

Video can trigger different, immediate emotions compared to other types of content. It engages the senses and pulls at the heartstrings when it is done well. Whether you are intending to make people laugh or cry, make them feel excited or energized, tell your story in a way that elicits emotion.

It’s probably the single most important thing that will ensure that your video is shared widely and will also deliver a strong return on investment. If you hit the right emotional button, your audience will click and repost.

4. The Wow-Factor

That’s ‘wow’ not in the sense of ‘that’s amazing’ (though you want that too) but ‘wow this is exactly what I need right now!’

This goes back to the relevancy tip above. The wow-factor is the cherry on top of the cake, a video that hits all the right emotional buttons. This is where production value comes in. An amateur video of a new product filmed on an iPhone may get some shares on YouTube and social media.

A slick, well-made professional video that features the same product, however, takes things to the next level. Think of it as the difference between someone filming themselves in a Captain America costume and Marvel’s Endgame.

Working with a professional video production team in Dallas will enable you to put all the right components in place for your next marketing video. That, in turn, should also boost sales and conversions for your business.

Contact the team at alexkintner.com today to find out how to energize your audience and create more shares online.

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