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How to Promote Your Dallas Business During the Lockdown

How to Promote Your Dallas Business During the Lockdown - Kinter Media

Like most other businesses in the Dallas area, we’ve been astounded at the speed with which things have changed not just across the state and country but around the world.

As one of the leading marketing video production companies in the region, we understand that businesses both large and small are feeling the pinch and maybe more than a little worried about what’s to come.

Just because your employees are working from home and things have gotten more than a little strange, however, doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to market your business. Right now is the perfect time to up your promotional activities.

Here are top tips for continuing to reach out to customers even though you may have found business slowing to a trickle.

Live Stream and Create Engaging Videos - Kinter Media

1. Live Stream and Create Engaging Videos

Everyone who owns a camera phone at the moment seems to be using it to make viral videos and show solidarity in the face of the Coronavirus. If you’ve decided to lock down and are wondering about your business, one thing you can do is engage with video tech and create content to keep your customers engaged.

For example, you might want to live stream a webinar where you answer people’s questions or give tips on how to use your products. Or maybe you want to produce a snapshot of what you are doing at the moment or the new ideas you have in the pipeline.

Add Video to Your Dallas Social Media Posts - Kinter Media

2. Go Social, Even More

If your social media engagement has been sadly lacking in recent times, now is the moment to engage more and start building your audience. There are plenty of articles online about how to make the most of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like.

Here’s a top tip from our Dallas video production team: Including video on your social media posts not only boosts visibility, but it’s also likely to be shared more than any other kind of content.

Build Your Dallas Blog Vlog Video Content - Kinter Media

3. Build Your Blog/Vlog Content

Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you that content is king. The trouble is that things like blog content and video blogs tend to take a back seat if you’re busy running your Dallas business.

A lockdown is a good time to start building up this kind of marketing asset and it will give your company more visibility online.


Support Your Local Dallas Community - Kinter Media

4. Support Your Local Community

Marketing is not just about promoting your business and pushing products. Many businesses locally are not only working hard to keep themselves going but are engaging in the local community as well.

This is a time for everyone to come together. Whether it’s helping people to stay in contact or providing services for the Dallas community, you can do a lot to build trust and rapport if you decide to do your bit.

There’s a whole of a lot of altruistic behavior going on at the moment. There’s the landlord that is giving rent-free months to business to help them through to the distillery that swapped making craft spirits to manufacturing much-needed hand sanitizer.

Plan Your Future Video Marketing Activity - Kinter Media

5. Plan Your Future Video Marketing Activity

Finally, if things have slowed down, that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped altogether for your business. Now’s a great time to start planning your future marketing videos for your Dallas business. Whether that’s a corporate video extravaganza or a product launch, the good news is that the team at Alex Kinter are still here to help and advise.

The good news is that the lockdown isn’t going to last forever. We’re going to get through this and come out stronger on the other side.  Contact us today to begin a conversation.


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