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Shooting a Porsche 911 Turbo in the dead of night in Dallas

Before I get into how the photoshoot unfolded and give you some details about the magnificent 911 Turbo I had the pleasure of shooting, let me give you some backstory as to how all of this even came together. Having just moved to Dallas, Texas, from Florida, I decided to brush up on my photography skills and get the rust off. I’m a massive car enthusiast, but at that point, it had been a while since I last worked on any automotive-related project. I’ve been a part of several car commercial productions a while back so I certainly knew how to shoot cars, but I’ve been extremely busy with other things, putting automotive projects off to the side. Over the...

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Why is video such an important part of a brand & business?

Building a unique image for your business through the right content strategy can set you apart from your competitors! However, knowing where to start and what to include can be daunting. By improving the brand image of your business, it can give it the competitive edge that it needs to thrive in the market. When a prospect or business posts a video, people take note and tell their friends! When a customer leaves a review for your business, other customers take note! Social media is hugely important for businesses — with over 80% of Americans being active on social channels, it's one of the best places to get your message out. In fact, Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site,...

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Marketing: Content Quality VS Content Quantity

You used to be able to pump out quantity and get mediocre to decent results. But now, if you want epic and extreme results in the best way possible today - quality content with good context and good messaging is currently the most effective way to get there.

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