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BMD Ursa Mini 4K EF Cinema Camera Tripod Setup Review | Episode 2

Today in this episode of Video Production For Creatives we're talking about my BMD Ursa Mini 4K Camera setup! I use this tripod camera setup frequently and think it's a great video production ENG style camera for the most part. This type of camera is great if you have plenty of available light or controlled studio lighting setup.

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Poolside - Dallas Short Film AKA Alone at The Pool

This post is to let you know about the upcoming release of our short film Poolside (AKA: Alone By The Pool), this Fall. We are submitting it to be entered into competition at various film festivals this year, including: The Dallas Independent Film Festival, The Marfa Film Festival, The Burbank Film Festival, The Toronto Film Festival, Sundance and SXSW.   Poolside (AKA Alone at the Pool) centers around the story of a 1950's high society housewife, increasingly isolated in her huge home battling with alcohol and prescription drug addiction, due to an unfulfilling life. Until she begins hearing voices when swimming in her indoor pool. Are the voices she's hearing the ghosts of the past, schizophrenia or some physical threat? Her...

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