Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes into the video production world with Alex Kinter and the Kinter Media team. See unique BTS angles from various photography shoots, event productions, corporate video shoots, commercial advertising shoots and the most demanding cinematography setups. Sometimes there are only 1 or 2 setups plus B-Roll, meanwhile on other video production shoots there can be anywhere from several hours of principal photography with 3-15 setups for the day plus B-Roll shots.

Alex and his core team are well versed in many aspects of productions and various production types for many industries. We always love a good challenge; we find it gives us an opportunity to shine and bring something unique to light. We also have a lot of experience helping support other crews and maintaining proper on-set etiquette for our colleagues. We honor production partners and their clients to the most respect, as we would only expect the same. We have often outfitted out of town production companies, so that they can fly in with only their essentials and turnkey a production in another state. In some cases, Alex has even been nicknamed "Killer B" from out of town A-tier crews for his advanced and speedy cinematography skills for his B Camera and producer roles on their productions.

There is nothing like being on-location for a shoot with real pressure, battling weather and meeting client expectations, but the photos will do for now. Unless of course you want to be a client or collaborate with Alex and our team on Video Production projects. We typically handle commercial spots , corporate communications and event highlight reels frequently. On the special occasion we dive in to music videos , film production and promotional videos. The shoots can encompass studio time for a simple testimonial or product demonstration video or it can also demand on-location work with our aerial drone operator and cinematographer.

We love working with new video production clients and talented film crew to bring projects to life. There is something special about working together for a common goal and seeing it come to fruition and the outcome go to good use and get noticed.