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Specialist Car Commercial Video Director

We take the time to understand your vision before recreating it to the letter as part of our acclaimed car commercial director service.

Our launch approach is collaborative in nature

Our execution is strategic in communications

Our digital workflow is thorough in details

Looking for a specialist car commercial video director? One that will make your commercial resonate with the viewer in a midst of captivating visuals? We’re glad you found us.

Here at Kinter Media, we offer a bespoke service when it comes to directing vehicle commercials. From getting the wheels in motion on your commercial to moving it up the gears in production, we provide a holistic directing service that leaves you with solutions to your marketing concerns.

Who Is Our Service Aimed At?

Our directing services are most often taken up by marketing outfits looking to show off their or their client’s new product. This is no different when directing car commercials. Although, our service is not exclusive to such agencies. Anyone can take advantage of the talents and know-how of the team at Kinter Media.

Why A Car Commercial Video Director Will Help You

Most marketing agencies and departments contact Kinter Media for the same reasons. They lack the knowledge and experience in directing any type of commercial and do not possess the skills to turn a fantastic idea into a commercial that highlights their product in the right way - and a way that makes them stand out from competitors. It may also be that your business does not have access to certain technology and equipment to make an effective commercial. Sound familiar?

Directing a car commercial can be a tall order for those not used to working with sophisticated technology. It can also be a challenge for those that don’t have the prerequisite industry experience to make a vehicle stand out in a traffic-jam-like race for the biggest slice of the market.

Not to panic.

Kinter Media is here to do the heavy lifting and directing on your behalf. With us on your side, you can be assured that your commercial will nail all your business objectives as well as offering innovative and unique content from frame to frame.

The Kinter Media Way

Our client’s objectives are the most important consideration as we direct our car commercials. The best car commercials aren’t the ones with the most eye-catching visuals. The best car commercials are the ones that capture their intended market’s attention with a car commercial director that never forgets his client’s needs. Luckily for you, we can do both!

All of our directing makes use of the specialist and expert sets of skills within our creative team. Yet, we never let our work spill over into other projects to detract away from the uniqueness of your bespoke car commercial.


Dealership Overview Video

Want a dealership video for your website? We've got you covered! In the age of the internet it's important to communicate your mission and values to your target audience. This will help build rapport, develop a connection and give a warm welcome to prospective customers and loyal patrons.

Aerial Drone Cinematography

Are you ready to stand out from the rest of the dealers out there? We create exciting aerial shots that can be used in various parts of your content to make your videos more entertaining to watch and help market your location.

30-60 Sec TV Ready Spots

We can give you that epic and cinematic look that you've been looking for; The edge that your dealership needs to gain more momentum. Get an HD broadcast ready commercial produced by us, so you can leave better impressions.

Limited Time Offer Video

We are familiar with shooting for various styles of offer videos for high ticket products. The offer video should not only be captivating, but accurately display the terms of the special limited time offer - compelling the viewer to take action towards your specific valued offer.

Facebook/Instagram Ready

We can help you tell your story, create the stage for your dealership, brand, and enticing offer. After all, price and payment matters to both the dealership and customer! We get that 100%-Whether you need a financing offer, product shots, interviews, or aerial cinematography for social media. We'd love to help!


Past Attestations

We certainly don't have our L-plates when it comes to directing car commercials. Our talented team has had their hands on some of the automobile industry's biggest names. There is a reason that the likes of Mercedes Benz knock on the door of the Kinter Media headquarters.

See for yourself by checking out some of our previous commercials.

And finally, let’s chat about your upcoming car commercials and see what Kinter Media can do for you!




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Customer reviews and testimonials from real people and businesses just like you!

Wise, Elite, Thorough.
Alex first helped brand an entertainment project i was working on with some very strategic photoshoots, an in depth set, and wardrobe design that led to major RED Epic shoots."

Chris Romain - Dustin Perkins Band, Emerald City Band

Alex and his team are visionaries that transform and execute our expectations with state of the art tech and igneous concepts."

Lexi Roman - Mroads, HP

I had the pleasure of meeting this talented young man.
Mr. Kinter strives hard to understand his client's vision and builds upon that, only to create something better!"

Oscar Miranda  -  Trophy Room, Wholesome Grub




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