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Are your creative projects, event campaigns or marketing strategies lacking behind competitors due to average images and disengaging photography? Do you need innovative ideas to replace your current images and highlight your business? If so, you have come to the right place.

Along with an established set of video production and directing services on offer at Kinter Media, we also provide a photography directing service as well. Our photography service is highly acclaimed among a number of industry-leading film and events companies – and even among world-famous business gurus and big-screen celebrities.

Our photography can aid your marketing campaign, enhance your business’s media, or can be put to more creative uses in production settings. We even offer portrait photography that many household names from the creative arts and business industries have taken advantage of.


Types Of Photography Available

Our direction of photography may take us to many exciting and inspiring locations. From remote areas of natural beauty to captivating snaps of the urban concrete jungles, we cover all bases. Due to the diversity of our work, we have categorized our services into three distinct niches. We are experts in these photography niches but would welcome producers and companies to throw new and challenging projects in our path.


The Benefits Of Our Director of Photography Service

After spending hours in the studio sweating over every note and lyric, is it really justifiable to employ inexperienced music video directors equipped with sub-standard technology? Instead, turn to the expert music video directors led by the industry renowned Alex Kinter. Alex has recruited a team of music directors who know how to make videos that prop up the ears and eyelids of the market in any music niche.

Kinter Media music directors produce some of their career highlights when working with musicians. There is something about a collaboration of audio and visual artists that harbors one of the most creative environments to transform ideas into lights, camera and of course, action.


Turnkey Director of Photography, Famous Cinematographers & Still Photography Services

No matter what type of photography you require us to direct, choosing us comes with a number of benefits. Our service has access to types of photography that will help you personalize material and stand out in the market - or give your creative work the wow-factor it deserves.


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More On Our Popular Music Video Directors

Browse through our past projects to get a taste of our skills. Alternatively, get in touch to start discussing your music video director needs.


About the Video Director


American based director Alex Kinter’s work has made some noise, whether it's his commercials of high profile athletes, models fighting with exploding pillows or his commissioned travels to beautiful and exciting destinations. Kinter often mixes the vibe of his edgy and artistic side with the commercial and promotional aspects of business, along with his passion for film, creating an engaging cinematic explosion of visuals, environment, and experience. In his latest series, Adventurer, he presents in a single epic volume his most exciting work to date, including a landscape photography series from his travels to Peru, celebrity portraits, & cinematic motion stills from his highly acclaimed productions & campaigns.

Truly unfazed by his critics' word’s, Alex raises the bar for his subjects―often his clients, who own or manage many successful brands, business and corporations ―and himself as well, taking it to the max, going above and beyond expectations. Alex’s ambitious, creative mind and eyes in setting up scenes, frames and capturing subjects in dynamic lighting for conceptual storytelling, provides the viewer with a memorable and remarkable experience.