When the process is started, you will have a phone or in person, consultation to share a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. Then, the production team will put together an estimate and timeline for your project. Once the agreed-upon deposit is paid (usually 70-80%) then the team will begin pre-production on your project, place the rest of the team on hold for the days required and get the ball rolling. Remember, video production services are more detailed and are held to higher standards of quality than just hiring an amateur videographer. However, I'm available to be hired just as a freelance director, cinematographer or camera operator with assistants as well depending on your project requirements. Once production is complete and everything is shot, the post-production team will handle it from there. In the editing process, the post-production team will require all the media and digital assets they will need from your part, to begin. This will minimize the amount of back and forth and revisions. Once the editing team has a Rough Cut, we will review and send to you for approval, list of notes or round of revisions. After 2-3 rounds of revisions, the project will be to your liking and specifications. The deliverables will be uploaded to dropbox, client drive and submitted.

Yes, most of the projects have been directed, shot and edited by myself. In some cases, there are projects where we had an entire post-production team. There are also projects where I was brought on as a Producer, Director of Photography or Camera Operator.

Most video projects can be captured within a half day or 1-3 days (Excluding tv shows, documentary films and feature films). However, if post-production and editing is part of your video production package, it can take 2-3 weeks for the deliverables. Rush upgrades are available for an additional fee if you need the project completed sooner.

Typically when post-production is a part of a video production package it will have 2 rounds of revisions included. A rough cut will be shown to the client for a first look and then revised after that with several revisions in the round. Normally each round can somewhere have between 3-10 indiviual time stamped edits to get the edit nice and polished to have the desired result.

Shoots that take advantage of day rates and pack a full day of shooting tend to be the most affordable. We can capture a lot of content in one day. Having multiple days will ad more costs usually when there are several crew, talent, equipment and locations involved. Utilizing a Director/DP with producing experience and crew that wear multiple hats will surely save you production dollars as long as there are enough production assistants. When the client helps take care of location and on camera talent, costs can be significantly reduced instead of casting, scouting and paying for a location manager or location fees.