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Video Director Services With A Proven Record

Speak to our team of influential creatives, led by the experience and expertise of Alex Kinter, for unbeatable cinematic video director services.

Advertising, marketing and PR agencies, along with video production companies, frequently come knocking on the doors of Kinter Media for our video director services. This is because Alex Kinter and his carefully-selected team of creative types have a proven track record in video directing. We never stop striving to find the perfect angle, the best lighting and unforgettable shots until every single frame and scene is perfect.

Directing a video can be stressful, frustrating & fruitless for those trying to enhance their marketing campaigns, commercial ads, documentaries & even music videos. This is why it is always best to outsource such heavy lifting to a team of talented video production specialists.

Our Celebrated Work And Proven Record

We are no slouch when it comes to directing the most innovative and creative pieces. Our work has featured on some of the most viewed platforms in the world. From MTV, National Geographic Wild, to Mercedes Benz, we have directed for some established and flourishing outfits. We have helped our past clients excel in their field through our portfolio of impeccable video direction.

World Class Quality
4K/1080p Broadcast Ready

Quick Turnaround
Within 1-3 Weeks, Rush delivery available

Reach & Move
Harness the power of Creative Video

Commercial Video Director

Ready to shoot your next commercial, corporate video or ad campaign?

Music Video Director

You're dropping your next single, track, EP or album?

The Benefits Of Our Video Director Service

There are an array of benefits from collaborating with us to make your unique videos. There may be many individual benefits, but also many overriding blanket benefits experienced by agencies and production companies for commercial projects. These include:

Guaranteed High Standards

our track record working with some star-studded names tells you how well our videos are received.

Maintaining Client Satisfaction

marketing agencies will prosper in the eyes of their clients with our input. We communicate with our clients throughout the project to ensure we stay on track for your vision.

Attention to Detail

we never rush our direction and take the time to capture all the small details that matter.

Bespoke & Creative Final Pieces

we never recycle core ideas so you know your video will be original and directed for a unique result.

Diverse Experience

our work in various niches has allowed us to broaden our skill set for any project.

Tailored Results

we direct videos to meet the specific objectives of your company or your very own client.

Your Solution To Marketing And Production Demands

Advertising agencies and video production companies are being swamped with client demands for bespoke video direction. Instead of churning out low-quality material in a hurry, these agencies and producers can call on our creative bunch. We have been frequently serving multiple marketing departments to provide tailored video directing. By getting in touch with us, you avoid letting your standards slip and loss of return clients. We also welcome businesses themselves to come directly to us for their commercial video direction needs.


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Lights, Camera And Action!

If you are a producer, production company or agency in need of a quality video director & would like to discuss your upcoming project, take action & speak to us, today.

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About the Video Director

American based director Alex Kinter’s work has made some noise, whether it's his commercials of high profile athletes, models fighting with exploding pillows or his commissioned travels to beautiful and exciting destinations. Kinter often mixes the vibe of his edgy and artistic side with the commercial and promotional aspects of business, along with his passion for film, creating an engaging cinematic explosion of visuals, environment, and experience. In his latest series, Adventurer, he presents in a single epic volume his most exciting work to date, including a landscape photography series from his travels to Peru, celebrity portraits, & cinematic motion stills from his highly acclaimed productions & campaigns.

Truly unfazed by his critics' word’s, Alex raises the bar for his subjects―often his clients, who own or manage many successful brands, business and corporations ―and himself as well, taking it to the max, going above and beyond expectations. Alex’s ambitious, creative mind and eyes in setting up scenes, frames and capturing subjects in dynamic lighting for conceptual storytelling, provides the viewer with a memorable and remarkable experience.



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