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5 Types of Video Content That Will Drive Sales for Your Dallas Business

Video Content That Will Drive Sales for Your Dallas Business - Kinter Media

At our Dallas video production company, we like to push home the point that video is vital to successful modern marketing activity. It is by far the most consumed kind of content online nowadays and provides an engaging route to get your brand message across entertainingly and effectively.

But which type of video should you be focused on for your Dallas business? Here we take a closer look at 5 genres that we see delivering time and again in the online marketplace.

Product Video Production in Dallas Texas - Kinter Media

The Product Video

This is probably the first thing people think of when you mention marketing videos. It’s the slick, 15 or 30-second product promotion and is focused on getting your customers to buy. You see these commercials on TV and they’re useful if you want to undertake pay per click or social media advertising online.

Corporate Video Production in Dallas Texas - Kinter Media

The Corporate Video

The corporate video is a different beast altogether and is about showing off your company culture and what your brand is all about. You’re not looking to sell any particular product but create a brand impression that sticks in the mind of those who visit your website or a platform like YouTube.

This is not only a great genre for bringing in new customers but it’s also a brilliant way to attract top talent to your business.

Testimonial Video Production in Dallas Texas - Kinter Media

The Testimonial

There’s an adage in marketing: People buy from people.

Putting a human face to your video selection with a testimonial from a satisfied customer is an approach which is worth its weight in gold.

These types of video, when done professionally, really do deliver great results. The key here is choosing the right customer and making sure that you maintain production values, even if you are only doing a head and shoulders shot.

Create How To Videos - Video Production in Dallas Texas | Kinter Media

The How-To Video

We could add explainer videos here as well. If you want to show your audience how to get the best out of your product or you need to explain a complex service you provide, this gives you plenty of opportunities.

This type of video isn’t selling your product directly either, at least not in the classic sense. It’s about providing additional value to your customers by helping them get the best out of your product, something which should, hopefully, keep them coming back for more.

Documentary Videos - Corporate Documentary Film in Dallas Texas | Kinter Media

The Documentary

Our final choice in this list is the documentary-style video and it’s a difficult one to sell sometimes to our clients. It doesn’t suit every business or sector but is the type of video content that gets widely shared. It involves making a documentary surrounding the industry, interest or sector that you are involved in.

It’s important to find stories that will appeal to your audience and capture your brand’s identity. Get it right and you’ll have video content that is both enduring and raises your brand’s profile online. These types of video can be expensive but they are worth the investment, especially as your business becomes more successful.

Developing your video marketing strategy will involve one or more of these types of content and it’s important to make the right choices as you start out.

That’s why working with a professional video production team is essential. They will help you explore the potential and create storylines that hit the mark, getting your company on the map, whether you serve a local Dallas audience or have your eyes on dominating your entire industry.

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