Landscape Photography

Alex is known for his Nature and landscape photography taken on a Peruvian excursion to one of the wonders of the world. He has also worked with Nat Geo on a segment in the Grand Canyon. His travels often take him to foreign cultures, wild life shots and environmental portrait photo ops. Living in urban core of downtown Dallas for a collective 10+ years has given him much inspiration to his work and lifestyle as a creative executive. His vibrant landscapes are music to the ears of art curators and interior designers who are seeking to add a certain freshness to the rooms they put together for their clients.

The Dallas-native is no stranger to commissioned travels. He was given the opportunity to tour and photograph his home country of Colombia with courtesy of the tourism segment of the national government. Stationed in Bogota, he and his host enjoyed the amenities and full itinerary that was provided for the journey. Alex has also explored much of Peru, from the Uros Floating Islands, Lake Titicaca, Puerta de Hayu Marca (Door of the Gods) to the legendary mountain city of Machu Picchu.

As a multimedia journalist and content creator, certain perks are inherent in the field of profession that are often taken for granted, for Alex this is not the case. It has opened up many opportunities and the ability to diversify his work. Editors, writers and hosts often find themselves working with a creative unlike they have met before. From humble beginnings and rapid expansion, Alex brings a fresh creative energy and momentum that can be transferred to any project and any room.

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About The Celebrity Portrait Photographer

Alex started his career in celebrity photography & cinematography and gradually moved into directing music videos, commercial video production, and digital marketing. Once his early education was complete, Alex attended Texas A&M University-Commerce for Art Direction & Photography (2011). Alex received his certification as Digital Imaging & Post-processing Technician from RED Digital Cinema Education (2012). Alex has photographed many executives, artists, and celebrities, as well as worked with notable print publications, such as Envy Magazine, 944 Magazine, ScoreBoard Monthly.